Happy New Year!

I’m a little late but, Happy New Year!

Just like that it’s mid-January, another year (another decade) over!

I love January because I always feel motivated by a fresh slate.

I tend to reset my eating back to a healthy routine, get an extra boost of motivation to continue a consistent workout routine, organize and clean and purge items that we’ve accumulated that we no longer need, and just reflect on things I can let go of or embrace to make life even better in the new year.

I don’t usually sit down and make specific goals with deadlines, but rather just keep them in my head but this year I wanted to be a little more intentional for the purpose of staying on track!


For this coming year of 2020 a few of my “goals” are:

  • Continue my 5x per week workout routine but mix it up with a more structured weight training program (I started BBG and my goal is to stick to it for the entire 12 weeks, I am on week 2 and going strong!)
  • Focus on an even healthier lifestyle: continue meal prepping healthy, organic foods for my family, less processed foods and snacks (more whole foods), and use less chemicals in the home.
  • Unplug more – this can be hard because social media is a big part of my blog and how I make money but I want to be more intentional about when I post and how much I am spending scrolling through the feed.
  • Work on building my blog more! I am planning out content and want to bring lots of valuable posts to this space and just share more of our daily lives, per your request!
  • Be better about how I spend my money. I am pretty good at saving but now that we bought a house, I need to be even more intentional about where our money goes since we have a house to build and then furnish (which I am soooo excited for!).
  • Explore our city more with the kids. There is so much to see in our own city. Two weeks ago we spent an entire day at Omsi and we want to explore the children’s museum next. I want my kids to know the city they live in and appreciate all of the beautiful things about it!
  • Visit my parents and Jason’s parents more. We are already pretty good about this but I want to be even better! After all, family is the most important thing and life is short, you should spend it with those you love.
  • Slowwww down. Anyone that knows me knows that I am always go-go-go. I have a hard time just stopping and sitting down. My husband always tells me to just “leave it for later” and “relax.” I am really learning the importance of letting things go and just enjoying the moment.
  • Drink more water, LOTS more water.

Do you make goals and write them down?

What are some of your goals for 2020?

I feel like every year I’ve made a few goals that I never really stuck to and I decided that this would be the year to stick to them. I won’t let another decade go by and look back at ten years of goals that I never kept.

2020, let’s do this!

And now let’s talk a little about this decade!

First of all, how on earth did it fly by!

In one decade I got engaged and married, graduated from Graduate school with my Masters Degree, worked my way up in my career for 9 years before deciding to quit and be a stay at home mom/work for Jason’s business and pursue blogging.

We had two babies, 4 dogs (Norman, Watson, Rosie, and Rosco, but we currently don’t have any pets. Actually we have a fish that the kids named Norman after one of our dogs), we moved 4 times, bought 2 houses, one of which was a 1940’s fixer upper that we completely remodeled , and rented two different places, Jason became self employed, and we traveled to some amazing places!

Charlie started Kindergarten and we are building a home!

This year in July we will be celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary and I can 100% say this has been the best 10 years of my life!

I’m not saying there weren’t some lows but there have been many more highs than lows.

One of the lows in this past decade was when it took us 3 years to get pregnant with our first! This is a journey I haven’t share much about on here but it was a struggle.

Thankfully we were blessed with not one but TWO beautiful, healthy children.

In this decade there were 9 nieces and nephews born between my siblings (they are all amazing!).

I’ve grown so much as a person, we’ve grown so much as a family and looking back to January ten years ago when Jason got on one knee and asked me to marry him, never could I have imagined how great of an adventure I was in for.


Looking towards this new decade, has be excited.

It is a fresh, open book for us to fill the pages with stories, adventures and life.

In ten years Charlie will be 16 and Claire will be 13! Yikes!

All in all what I am taking away from this decade that has passed is that time flies.

And it flies way too fast.

I want to embrace every single second of the day, every moment, good or bad because time is fleeting.

I want to make every day epic, not just ordinary, not just another Monday, or Tuesday, but another day that I get to spend with the people I care about, doing things that I love, and thriving!

Choosing to have a positive attitude, even when things are hard.

I am so thankful to God for giving us health, protection and an abundance of blessings this past decade and I wanted to wish you all a blessed and Happy New Year friends!


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