Golden Hour at the Carnival

These cooler summer evenings are my favorite. When the sun is setting, the weather cools and the warm yellow light is so pretty. This is one thing I will miss as Fall arrives and the days get shorter.

Last Friday night we went to our local carnival at Oaks Amusement Park! We have been wanting to take the kids all summer but is has been such a hot summer that we put it off. The weather has cooled back into the 80’s which makes it a perfect time for some carnival fun!

How pretty is the sky/light in these photos? We went during golden hour (this is when the sun starts to set). This is my favorite time of day for photos and also for being outside! The skies and light are so pretty during this time of day.

As soon as Charlie would get on a ride, he would start pointing to the next ride and say “I want that one next, I want that one next!” It was so funny because one ride didn’t even finish and he was already ready for the next. Their favorite ride was the roller coaster (which was my least favorite! It was so rough it made me sick!).

As soon as it was over, they both yelled “again, again!”

So, again we went! Talk about motion sickness over here!

Both Jason and I get motion sickness but his is worse than mine so I guess I was the designated ride along.

Here are some photos!

The kids had a blast. They both cried when we said it was time to go home. I don’t blame them, when I was a kid I could go on rides all day long! Now that Claire is tall enough to go on a lot of the rides, hopefully we can go to Disneyland in the Spring!

We are leaving to Sunriver, OR for the long weekend in a couple of hours so I better go finish packing our things! Jason found a house with a pool so I plan on lounging next to the pool as much as possible! Soaking in all that sun before the rainy season starts.

What are your plans for the long weekend? Hopefully you get to do something fun!

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