Gloomy Summer Days Can Be Fun!

Here are a bunch of photos from Friday last week.

Friday was a great day because 1) we got the keys to our new place and 2) my sister came over and we had so much fun roaming around town with the kids.

It sprinkled on and off but we didn’t mind. It was warm enough where we weren’t cold and the kids had a blast!

While they played we were able to grab coffee and catch up and sister dates are my favorite!

The kids wanted to throw pennies into the pond and make wishes, except they were yelling their wishes out loud every time they dropped a penny in.

It was so funny because the saying goes that if you tell anyone your wish, it won’t come true. They didn’t care, they wanted everyone to know they were wishing for a puppy, a huge toy car, and a purple unicorn with yellow hair!

My sister Stephanie and her son Luca! He just started walking recently and loves being around Charlie and Claire!

I posted this picture on my Instagram story and mentioned that it has all the Fall vibes from the gloomy skies, to my nails, to my hot cup of coffee! I’m not mad if Fall comes soon…. just sayin!

Claire LOVES her Mockingbird Stroller! We ended up getting rid of our other stroller because we all love this one so much!

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Mockingbird Stroller

The Mockingbird Stroller looking so perfect with this backdrop. If you have been wondering about this stroller, I did a full review on my post here. Not only is this stroller amazing, great looking and functional, it’s an amazing price!

Although Fall is my absolute favorite, I’m kind of joking about rushing summer. This has been such a great summer and we are really enjoying every single day of it and we plan to continue to do so until it’s over! Lot’s of sunshine and outdoor exploring days left!

Not only that, but we want to start on our home remodel while we still have nice weather! We are meeting with our Architect (which is my brother!) on Wednesday this week to review the final plans to submit for approval and then we can start demo!

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Our Mockingbird stroller:

Mockingbird Stroller


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