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Favorite Fall Trend – Sweater Sets

One of my favorite trends this Fall is the matching sweater set: a cozy ribbed sweater with a ribbed skirt.

This is such an easy Fall look that is not only warm and comfortable, but so trendy. I recently purchased this Free People set and a few ribbed skirts to mix and match with my fall sweaters. Add a pair of booties and you can rock this easy look!

It’s like wearing a warm, knit blanket from top to bottom 🙂

My shoes are from last season by Stuart Weitzman. They are no longer available but there are some similar styles that I linked up below (the same brand I am wearing but also some more affordable look a-likes!).

My bag is by Fendi but is also last season and I cannot find it anywhere. Lasty, I’ve linked up some basic ribbed skirts and sweaters that you can mix and match to create this same look! I just bought the two ribbed skirts from Mango that I linked up below.


A few random life updates:

-This Saturday we are going to our first Duck’s game of the season! I met my husband for a little coffee date today and we stopped at the Duck’s store to buy some gear. We are bringing Charlie this time! It will be his first Football game and I think he will have a blast!

It’s supposed to be sunny all weekend so we are hoping to also make it to the pumpkin patch on Sunday after church. We have to get in all of our outdoor Fall activities before the rain starts here in Portland.

From about the end of November until April we have more rainy days than sunny days. We need to soak up every single bit of sunshine we can before it goes away for the winter!

-Also, I am working on a fun collaboration with Fred Meyer this month! They launched a new clothing line and also a new online store! I am getting some new living room furniture and am excited to share how I style it! More to come on both of those items this month.

-Claire is still pacifier free! I thought we would never wean her off of her pacifier but after a few fussy days, it’s like she never had it! She also seems so much happier without it! She isn’t constantly looking for it and being grumpy if she can’t find it. She’s much better off without it and so are we all!

-My last life update is that I am going to Palm Springs in two weeks! I am going with 4 of my girlfriends! I love taking a girls trip once a year or once every other year so I am really looking forward to this! Stay tuned for LOTS of pictures on that!

I think that’s all for now… hope you are having an awesome Thursday!

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