Family Golf on a Saturday Morning

Jason has been playing a lot of golf lately and Charlie has been showing an interest so we thought it would be fun to make it a family event and go golfing on Saturday morning.

Claire wasn’t as interested in the golf as she was in the flowers and climbing on the rocks, but Charlie was so into it! He had so much fun and he is pretty good.

Here are some photos!

I don’t think I shared it on my blog, I did on my Instagram, but Charlie fell on his mouth two weeks ago and knocked two of his front teeth loose. One of them fell out a week later.

Thankfully it was just his baby teeth and there was no damage to his permanent teeth that are coming out soon.

Kids are funny, once it fell out he thought it was cool that he lost a tooth, battle scars you know?

This mama didn’t think it was very cool. Seeing your kid fall flat on their face and then having to wait for the dentist to look and make sure it’s nothing serious is not fun 😉

We are just glad everything is ok and I guess those teeth were going to fall out eventually…

When we got home, Charlie grabbed a little cup, laid it on its side, and has been practicing getting the ball in the hole ever since. It’s so cute how he wants to do everything Jason does and he told us that if he practices he can be “really good” and play on the big course next time.

Other weekend things:

-Organized the kids closet on Friday.

-We ate ice cream on Saturday and Sunday with zero regrets.

-We had movie night every single night with the kids and stayed up a little too late.

-Spent Sunday evening with my brother and his wife and their kids and some friends. My brother made some amazing wild caught salmon!

-Jason and I binge watched Season 1 of Jack Ryan while the kids napped and in the evenings. We started Friday and finished it Sunday… It was raining, what else were we supposed to do?!

I love the weekends!

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