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Fall Mantle DIY

Fall Mantle

OCTTOOBBEEERRRR, Hello! We love you!

It truly is the most wonderful time of year from October – January.

I love the transition from Summer to Fall to Winter when the leaves change colors and the holidays roll around.

This means more baking, cozying up by the fireplace, and lots of our favorite family traditions.

Charlie got croup last week and stayed home from school on Friday with a fever and cough.

We spent all day on the couch near the fireplace and I baked his favorite muffins twice in one weekend.

I love the smell of baked goods in the home, I’m actually waiting for the kids to wake up from their nap so they can help me make a pumpkin pie (I’m writing this on Sunday at 1:45pm while enjoying a homemade pumpkin spice coffee while the kids take an afternoon nap).

By Sunday Charlie felt so much better so we had a little morning adventure in the neighborhood and we picked a bunch of Fall leaves for a little DIY we put together for our Fall themed fireplace mantle:

I used to do so many DIY’s during the holidays before having kids but when I was working full-time and having babies, it was hard to have any time for DIY projects.

Now that they are both a little older, I feel like it’s easier for me to work on projects and the kids love to help!

You basically just find a bunch of colorful Fall leaves of different sizes, grab some empty frames, tape them in, and there you go!

Easy fall decor that the kids can help with!

The white frames are from Target and I will link them up below along with similar other items so that you can recreate this look or parts of it!

Do you like to decorate for the different seasons?

Recreate this look:

white frames
Sheepskin rug
Pumpkin Candle
Pumpking Candle
Gold Mirror
Brass Candle Holders
Pumpkin Garland

My large mirror is thrifted and so are the brass candle holders.

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