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Corners of Our Home: New Throw Pillows and Summer Decor in our Eating Nook

Happy Monday!

Wow I cannot believe tomorrow is the last day of August!

There is a school a few blocks away from our house and I noticed some of the neighborhood kids walking to school this morning – is it really that time?!

Charlie and Claire don’t start until next week, so it kind of caught me off guard this morning to see the school year starting again.

We’ve been enjoying summer so much I guess it just flew by!

This weekend I spent some time organizing a few closets and drawers in our home and took some photo of our eating nook to share with you guys.

I haven’t done a home decor type post in quite some time.

I feel like I’m always changing up decor items and moving them from one room to the next.

Here is our current nook setup!

I just love this space so much!

It’s amazing what a few pillows and small decor items can do to really set the tone for your home.

I wanted this space to be pretty, cozy and comfortable at the same time…because we spend A-LOT of time here!

Come Fall and Christmas I will probably change it up again, but for now I love it!

Here is another blog post featuring this same area from last summer!

You can see I changed a few things since last summer like adding more throw pillows and changing up some shelf decor and table top decor.

Happy Monday Friends!

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Here is a fun little video I put together for Instagram of me setting this space up!


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