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Dressing Down a Dressy Top

When I used to work in an office I had built a collection of pretty dressy blouses to wear with slacks and blazers.

Now that I am a stay-at-home mom, I still want to wear some of my favorite dressy tops and love dressing them down with jeans or jean shorts.

Here I am wearing one of my favorite silk blouses by Frame with my favorite Agolde Denim shorts.

These shorts are high waisted so they work well with tucked in tops!

I have been going to my dads office on Mondays and Tuesdays to work on blog content and other projects and have been enjoying getting dressed up and pretending to have a “job” again.

Some days I miss my office job and the structure it gave me but I am loving being a stay-at-home mom during this time.

Although there are days when I miss working, I wouldn’t trade being with the kids for anything else right now.

They are only little for so long and I am really cherishing our time together.

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As always, I like to link my looks here for those that are interested in shopping.

My top is a few years old but I linked two similar styles with two pockets, one is the same brand and material, the other is a more affordable option!

I posted this look on my Instagram stories and a few of you asked me if my shoes are by Chanel and no, they are not!

They are from Zara last year but are sold out so I also linked up a few affordable similarities below.

Happy Tuesday!

Shop My Look:

ASOS Slingback Pumps
ASOS Slingback Shoes
Sam Edelmen Cap Top Shoe
FRAME Silk Blouse
Classic Button Up Blouse
Slingback pumps
Ray Ban 53mm Retro Sunglasses
Agolde Shorts
Agolde Shorts
Agolde Shorts

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