Donuts, Coffee and Cute Faces

Happy Friday! This has been an extra busy week for me so I am sure glad to have daddy home for the next couple of days so we can slow down and enjoy some much needed family time.

For anyone that says staying home with the kids is easy, you have another thing coming.

Trust me, I’ve worked full time but chasing these two around all day, along with keeping the house together and making sure no one starves, is more work than any job I’ve done outside of the house.

But, I’m not complaining. I’d rather be so exhausted that when my head hits the pillow I literally fall asleep within seconds than be away from these sweet faces all day!

Once a week (usually on Friday mornings) we like to “kick start” our weekend with a little trip to one of our favorite donut shops: Coco Donuts.

I mean coffee + donuts + these two cute faces = the best day ever!

My gorgeous bag is by TAH Bags. You can shop the Perfect Mini here.

PC: Spotted Stills Photography

I have two baby showers to attend this weekend but other than that I plan on avoiding getting out of my pajamas for as long as possible and forcing my husband to end each night with a Christmas movie.

No it’s not too early, there are just so many good ones that I have to start now so I can actually see them all 😉

I’m usually not much of a “homebody” but something about Fall makes me want to just stay home all day and take it easy.

Whatever your plans are, I hope you have the best weekend!

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