DIY High Low Dress

I have had this dress for a few years but was bored of it. I decided to change it up by turning it into a high low dress. After watching a few DIY videos and tutorials online, I gave it a try:


Here is the dress before I altered it. It was just one length:


1. Fold the dress in half


2. This dress had a few seams so it was easy to line up the seams to make sure I would be cutting evenly:


3. Start cutting from the front area (make sure to measure how short you want the front and leave room for a seam). Cut in a half circle starting up and rounding downward:


4. I don’t have a sewing machine so I loosely sewed a thin seam and ironed it so that it stays:


Considering this was my first time altering any of my clothes, I was pretty happy with the result:



Thanks for stopping by!

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