DIY Cake Stand Flower Arrangement

Here is a little DIY floral arrangement that is fun for parties or just as a beautiful table centerpiece in your home. I made this for my friends baby shower last week. Surprisingly it was really easy and the flowers stayed fresh for about four days after making it!


You will need some flowers, floral foam, a cake stand and a pointy object that is about the size of the stems of the flowers you are using:


1. Soak the Floral Foam in cold water until moist.

2. Use the pointy object to poke holes in the foam where you want the flowers to be placed. I found that poking the holes prevents me from wasting a lot of flowers that break when I try to push them into the foam.

3. Use remaining small flowers to fill in the gaps where foam is still showing and do this until the foam is completely covered.


Beautiful finished product:


Happy Thursday!

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