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Coffee Table Books for Your Home

Coffee table books

Don’t be surprised if you see a lot more home decor content on my blog in the near future!

I’m trying to add all of the finishing touches to our home and love sharing my inspiration and finds on here!

I am looking for some great “coffee table books” to use as decor around my home but also to draw inspiration from so I asked my Instagram followers to send me any recommendations.

Here are the results!

So many great options that are not only pretty on the outside, but full of inspiration and decor tips on the inside!

Here are your recommendations for Coffee Table Books:

Coffee Table Books for your home


You can shop all of the books in Part One of my coffee table book guide here:

There were so many book options that I had to split them up into two different diagrams so that I could link them all up.

Here are the rest of the books:

Coffee Table Books for your home part 2

You can shop all of the books in Part Two of my coffee book guide here:

I fell in love with several of the books on this list but especially loved the Alabaster Bible!

One of you suggested them and they truly are amazing!

Each book of the bible is placed into a beautiful hardcover book that is visually pleasing as decor and can be placed on a coffee table or book shelf but I love that each book is a different book from the Bible.

It is decorative but also so meaningful and I love that.

Let me know if there are any others that should be added to this list!

Happy book shopping!

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