Claire turns TWO!

Claire turned 2 yesterday and we celebrated our little princess with a princess themed birthday party. Lately she has been into all things princess and Barbie so she loved dressing up in a fluffy dress and getting all of the attention that princesses get!

We hired Disney Princess Elsa to come and entertain the kids. She told them stories, sang them songs and painted their faces. This was the first time I have ever hired an entertainer for the kids birthday parties and it was honestly so awesome! I would do it again.

It kept the kids busy with fun activities and made the party exciting.

Although only two, Claire is already a strong and opinionated little lady. She likes to pick her own outfits and wants to be independent. She wants to eat on her own, brush her own teeth and help herself up the stairs. Although this can be challenging at times as a parent, I think it will serve her well when she is older. For being so little, she has a big personality and it’s so fun to watch her grow and take on the world.

When I found out I was pregnant with Claire, I really wanted it to be a girl and God obviously knew how much I needed her. She is my little mini-me and knowing that she will grow up to be my best friend is the best feeling.

These kids are the biggest blessing in our lives. I can’t imaging not having them. Although raising them isn’t always easy, we are seriously having the time of our lives. There is still so much adventure ahead of us!

Here’s to another year of health and happiness for this little beauty!

Happy Birthday Claire!


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