Claire Turns 4!

Our little Claire turned 4 this weekend and we celebrated with a unicorn pool party!

I say this every single time my kids turn one year older, but seriously, whhhyyyy is the time going so fast!?

All of you mamas can relate, I am sure, but she is my youngest which makes it even harder!

I love having little kids at home and the fact that she is going to kindergarten next year makes me feel like it is just going by way too fast these days.

It feels like just last year she was a little toddler, it is amazing how much they change and mature from just 3 to 4 years old.

Claire is into unicorns and princess dress up and she loves to sing.

She’s always singing wherever she goes in her sweet little voice!

She also loves getting her nails done and has been asking me to “curl her hair” for special occasions.

I love seeing her unique personality shine through as she grows and turns into a little lady.

She really wanted a “unicorn scooter” for her birthday and I found the cutest unicorn accessory!

Unicorn Scooter Accessory
Micro Scooter
Unicorn Swimsuit

Also, if your kids are into scooters, these micro scooters and amazing! They are so durable and smooth to ride! All of my nieces and nephews have them and they have awesome reviews!

Happy birthday to our beautiful, smart, and sweet, Claire!

We call her our little dreamer because she is always imagining, dreaming, singing, pretending she is flying and just loving every second of life!

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