Christmas Wreath Workshop

Last weekend I had so much fun attending a Christmas Wreath Workshop hosted by Lora of Sophisticated Floral Design in Portland. I’ve made wreaths in the past but never with real greenery and supplies, just fake store bought items.

Making a wreath out of real greenery seemed hard but after a quick tutorial by Lora and all of the supplies we could need, it was actually super simple and I love how my wreath turned out!

To make the perfect Christmas Wreath similar to the ones we made at the workshop, all you need are the following items:

-Large metal ring – found at any craft store

-Greenery and decor items such as pine cones, ribbon, ivy, etc.

-Green floral wire

-Wire cutter or strong pair of scissors

To make the wreath you start by laying all of the greenery around the metal ring and then you use the green floral wire to wrap around the greenery and hold it in place.

Once you have most of  your greenery in place, you start adding finishing touches such as berries, ivy, pine cones, etc.

If there was a side of my wreath that looked uneven, I just simply kept adding little pieces here and there until it looked complete!

All of the ladies did such an awesome job! If you are thinking of making your own wreath, you can see all of the designs below for some inspiration!

PC: Liza James Photography



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