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Christmas Tree Collar Ideas

Christmas Tree Collar Ideas

Each year I like to hop on Pinterest to get fresh Christmas decor ideas and this year I kept seeing Christmas tree collars pop up!

I’ve always just done a tree skirt but love how a tree collar looks!

I was at Walmart this week getting some Christmas lights and saw this galvanized steel tree collar and thought it was SO cute!!

I set it up around my office tree to get an idea of what it will look like and although it is a little too big for this tree, it will be perfect around our real tree that will go in our living room!

We are going to cut down our tree this weekend, so I will take photos and share the complete look then!

If you are looking for a fun way to hide your tree collar and mix up your decor this year, a tree collar is such a great option!

So I’ve rounded up some fun and affordable options here!

Here are some more Christmas tree Collar Options:

New Traditions Burlap Stand
Rattan Collar tree skirt
Uriel Tree collar
Uriel Tree Collar
Galvanized tree collar
Tree Collar World Market
Rope christmas tree collar
Beachcomber Basket Tree Collar
Galvanized Metal Tree Collar
Metal Tree Collar Matte Black
26in Split Willow Christmas Tree Collar Wondershop

Happy decorating!

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