Christmas Morning

Christmas morning started bright and early at 7:00am with the sound of Charlie’s little feet running into our room and tucking himself in bed between us. Shortly after that, I heard Claire call “mama” on the monitor so I brought her in bed with us as well.

This is how our mornings start every day of the week and I just love it. Nothing better than their sweet faces next to us as we wake up but, today was extra special – we got our white Christmas!

It started snowing yesterday afternoon and although it stopped late in the evening, the temps didn’t go above freezing so it lasted throughout Christmas day!

As soon as I looked out the window, I reminded Charlie that there was snow outside AND that it was Christmas morning, his eyes lit up! “Did Santa bring me presents?!” He couldn’t wait to run downstairs and see what was tucked under the tree for him and Claire.

We came downstairs and Jason made us pancakes and we ate and then let the kids open their presents.

Last year Claire was too young to open presents and really even participate at all, but it was so much fun having both of them get excited this year.

Christmas is extra special with kids. They always bring so much simple and pure joy into everything they do!

Here are some photos from our Christmas morning!

Charlie is in love with dinosaurs right now. He has so many of them and the collection keeps growing. He specifically asked Santa for “spike” this year and from the look on his face in this photo, he was pretty excited when he got it!

Jason is such a good daddy. I love how he reads and plays with the kids. I’m so grateful and blessed to be able to raise these little ones with this man by my side.

Rather than doing gifts for each other, Jason just planned a trip in March to getaway somewhere warm.

We both have everything we could ever need so having trips planned where we can getaway as a couple and travel has been something we have done each year since we got married.

I love our little trips together. It helps us reconnect and grow closer.

As I am typing this both of our kids are tucked in bed, exhausted from all of the fun we had these past two days (we celebrated Christmas Eve with Jason’s family and Christmas Day with my family).

Jason and I are on the couch watching the last of the Christmas movies for this year and while looking through the photos we took this morning, I am overwhelmed with joy.

I even got a little teary eyed typing this. Our babies are growing so fast!

It seems like just yesterday Jason and I were celebrating Christmas just the two of us and now we have a 4 and 1.5 year old in the house.

Last weekend Jason’s grandmother passed away and so the thought of how quickly life passes by has been on our minds this season. She was Charlie and Claire’s great grandmother. They used to call her “old buni” (Buni means grandma in Romanian).

Buni was old and it was her time to pass, but it has been a really good reminder that life passes quickly and although the Christmas tree and presents are nice, the reason why we celebrate Christmas is because of the birth of our Savior, Jesus, and to celebrate with the ones we love.

It’s a good reminder to share the joy of life with each other, be generous, and love a little more each day.

The years are flying by but I am so so grateful for our little family, these two little angels of ours and for being able to celebrate the holidays with each other.

I hope this Christmas brought you joy, peace and love!

Merry Christmas from the Pacurars!


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