Story Time: Our Favorite Books Part 1

I used to love going to a local cafe and getting lost in a good book while sipping a piping hot cup of coffee or even just curling up on the couch next to the fireplace with my favorite novel.

Those days are far and few now that I have kids.

I often tell myself that I need to get back into reading because I love it so much but it’s just hard to find the time these days! That is ok, when the kids are grown I will get my fill of books 😉

For now, I get to read all of the fun, adventure filled children’s books with these two.

My husband also loves to read and we always said that reading would be a big part of our children’s lives and it has been.

Reading develops such a great imagination and helps them develop their language and listening skills.

We started reading to Charlie very early on, before he could even talk and we are doing the same with Claire.

Every night they pick several books each and we sit in Charlie’s bed and read as a family. I love to watch their faces light up with each colorful drawing.

Although Claire isn’t talking yet, I can see that she is starting to show interest in certain books over others.

If you aren’t reading to your little ones regularly, I highly recommend it! Even if it’s just one or two books a day, it’s such a fun activity to do as a family and it really helps them unwind before bed.

Scroll to the bottom of the post for a list of the books we are currently reading and loving!

Here is the list of books that Charlie is absolutely loving right now. He usually has a handful of books that he likes to read over and over until he gets bored of them and then moves on to the next set.

Fall is just around the corner which means cooler days and more time spent indoors. What a perfect time to dust off the books in your home library or start collecting a few new ones for those cool days spent indoors.

For those of you looking for non-children’s books for yourself, here are a few good ones I read more recently and loved!

Happy reading!

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