Charlie’s First Day of Kindergarten

Charlie started Kindergarten two weeks ago and I am just now getting around to posting about his first day.

Sending him off to school was not easy, and every day that I drop him off I have all sorts of emotions.

I’m so happy and excited that he loves school and seems to have easily transitioned.

After school last week he said “mama, I love school so much I wish I could sleep there!”

And even though I’m so excited and happy to know he loves school, I miss his little voice around the house all day.

I miss his little footsteps chasing after Claire. It just seems so quiet without him.

I am loving this extra time I get to spend with Claire one-on-one but, I just feel like I wasn’t ready for this next chapter of our lives because before I know it, Claire will be in school too and a big part of my days will be spent without them.

I don’t know how I can prepare for that. I will never be that mom that can’t wait for her kids to go to school so that she can have free time.

I’m the mom that wants to never let them go. They are always with me.

We grocery shop together, go to the gym together, go on walks together, clean the house together, and basically do everything together.

All I’m saying is, it’s hard. I’m fine. I’m getting through it, but it’s hard.

On the morning of his first day we all woke up extra early and got dressed.

We ate breakfast as a family, packed his lunch, and then we all walked Charlie to school.

We all seemed a little nervous and weren’t sure what to expect, holding hands and talking about the simple things Charlie needs to remember: raise your hand if you have a question, wash your hands after using the restroom, follow directions, etc.

I think Charlie was the least nervous of us all.

Here are some photos from that morning:

He was so confident and excited, my big boy! We are definitely proud of him!

Out of all of us, Claire had the hardest time letting go of her little buddy.

At one point we were in the classroom about to say our goodbyes and I just so happened to look down at Claire and noticed that she was holding back the biggest tears I had ever seen!

They were welting up in her eyes and she exploded into the saddest little cry.

“I don’t want “lolly” to leave” (she calls him Lolly because she used to have a hard time saying Charlie, and so the nickname just stuck).

Let’s just say she cried all the way home and for about an hour thereafter. The only thing that calmed her down was a movie.

She had a rough first week without him and is finally adjusting this week.

She started ballet class again and that is keeping her excited because she has something of her own to look forward to.

I hope all of you mamas with little ones are transitioning smoothly to a new school year!

I am working on a “Day in the Life” school edition, stay tuned for that soon!

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