Charlie Turns ONE!

Today we celebrated Charlie’s one year birthday! I don’t even know where to begin…..! This boy is the biggest joy in our lives. He is such a happy and joyful soul. Part of me is so happy yet part of me is sad because time has gone way too fast. It’s a bittersweet feeling to see your baby growing so fast.

We had a little “Up, up and away” themed backyard party with family. We had a taco station and lots of desserts. Charlie had so much fun opening presents and being the center of attention. He is loved by both sides of the family and is as spoiled as can be!

My dearest Charlie, it feels like just yesterday we were on our way to the hospital eagerly awaiting your arrival into this world. It seems like just yesterday you were so small in your swaddle, so content sleeping long hours of the day in mama’s arms. Now you are your own little person… running around and exploring as much of this great big world as you can in one day. I love how you are so curious and determined to figure things out on your own, to touch and taste and feel new things. I adore your smile and how you crinkle your nose when something makes you laugh. I love how you look me in the eyes and then lay your head on my chest so we can cuddle – even if it only lasts a few minutes at a time because you are always on the go. You have such a beautiful spirit. I pray you are continually blessed with health, happiness and all the things your heart will desire. We love you so much. You truly are heaven sent!

Happy Birthday sweet boy!!!!!!

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