Charlie Turns 8!!

I know, I know, I say this every birthday – but for real! STOP. GROWING.SO.FAST!

Charlie turns 8 today and while I am so extremely proud of the sweet, young man he is turning into… I am also sad that time flies so fast.

It feels like just yesterday he was a little baby and today he is going into 2nd grade!

Charlie really wanted to go camping for his birthday this year so we went a couple of weeks back and had a mini birthday party there.

This morning we did our tradition of pancakes and candles to start the birthday morning!

I love how they get excited for all of the little things!



If you can’t already tell, he is really into basketball right now!

Happy birthday Charlie!!!!!!!!!!! WE LOVE YOU AND ARE SO PROUD OF YOU!

In case you want to go down memory lane with me, here is a blog post on Charlies’ FIRST Birthday!

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