Best Postpartum Girdle & Abdominal Binder After C Section (AKA Belly Wraps)


As many of you may already know from my previous posts, I had C-sections with both of my children. I get a lot of questions from other mamas around the topic of recovering from a c-section.

I know this isn’t the most glamorous topic, but the reality is that more and more women are having c-sections for various reasons.

After both of my C-Sections I was advised to wear an Abdominal Binder or Girdle, and most doctors will suggest it as well. Whether you call it a belly belt, a C-Section Recovery Girdle, a Belly band, or any other name… they all tend to work quite similarly; by providing support and compression to the abdominal area.

The abdominal region can feel a bit strange after baby is born, some women report that it feels kind of like their skin doesn’t quite fit right.

Mine felt numb in certain areas and at times would tingle. There was a lot of tenderness and pain when I twisted or moved too much.

Wearing a binder/girdle helped prevent damage to my incision and it also helped me heal faster. Not only did it provide support, but it helped my tummy flatten sooner because of the compression.

Pregnancy and childbirth is really hard on your body whether you have a c-section or not, and I think any mother can benefit from adding abdominal support by wearing a binder until your body has had a chance to recover.

I‘ve selected a handful of different options based on my own preference and also on customer reviews.

From the basics, to the higher end options, post-childbirth is a truly incredible time in your life, and having the necessary recovery tools makes the recovery easier, faster and less painful.

Here’s the Top Abdominal/Belly Binders & Girdles of 2019:

1. Mamaway Nano Bamboo – Best Postpartum Belly Wrap

This is a higher-end product (and arguably one of the best belly wraps on the market), made with a combination of nylon, polyester, breathable bamboo, and elastic. It comes equipped with more than meets the eye, including two compression sub-belts, to help with extra support is the specific areas that you need it the most.

The fabric and materials will bend and move with your body, offering ample support but also letting you avoid uncomfortable folds and creases. You can wash it easily, and the high-quality materials and construction ensures that it’ll keep its form after many, many wears. Longer than you’ll need to use it for, that’s for sure. With less expensive options, sometimes you’ll need to buy a replacement before you’re done using it, and that’s something to keep in mind when comparing prices.


2. Chongerfei 3 in 1

Here’s a versatile wrap by Chongerfei with three different ways to use it. There are different ways to wrap it up and wear it depending on how long it has been since you gave birth, and whether or not you had a c-section. This product is versatile for a number of different cases, it’s not just for women who have had c-sections, and you can adjust it to suit your changing needs as time passes.

This is a very affordable product, and the reviews are very strong. It’s not going to have as nice of a feel as something like the Mamaway Nano, but you’ll likely be wearing it over a thin shirt anyways.

3.TiRain 3 in 1 Postpartum Support – Recovery Belly/Waist/Pelvis Belt Shapewear

Here’s another option quite similar to the previous one. This wrap comes in two sizes: regular and plus size, make sure you order the right one for you! It offers back support, and basic postpartum recovery. It’s made from very light, breathable, and comfortable materials. The manufacturer recommends to not wear it in direct contact with your skin, it could cause irritation after a full day, but if you have a layer on underneath it you’ll be just fine.

The dual elastic closure makes it easy to put on, to take off, and ensures that it stays in place to support you in-between.

4. Healthcom

This is my last option in this list and it’s affordable, simple, and very well reviewed. There are different ways to wear it, so that you can find something that’s comfortable for you. Some women wear it as a slimming belt even when they haven’t given birth, but it does an excellent job as a c-section belly band none the less.

This is a great product not only for mama’s who had c-sections but also for mama’s who had a natural delivery. It offer a lot of support and can be tightened to help slim your waste down postpartum.

It’s not the fanciest, but it is a good quality product that can serve you well.

Final thoughts and Considerations

No matter which one you go with, it’s important that it feels comfortable and fits you properly. Some of these c-section belts come in different sizes, whereas others offer a one-size-fits-all approach.

Overall, if you have a c-section and plan on having more babies, my Top pick has to be the Mamaway Nano Postpartum Girdle/Binder. It’s more expensive than anything else on this list, but you get what you pay for if you want the Best Postpartum Girdle on the market.

It is especially worthwhile since it will last you through multiple pregnancies, making it a very worthwhile investment. None of the items on this list are bad choices, but some are certainly better than others depending on your own birth experience.

The Mamaway Nano was recommended by my doctor and worked really well for my recovery in the first few weeks after both of my c-sections.

After about four weeks when my incision was mostly healed, I switched to compression pants to help continue to offer support and slim down my tummy.

These yoga pants by Spanx were my favorite! I wore them every day when I was at home and saw a huge difference in how quickly my stomach flattened postpartum.

I highly recommend using an abdominal binder for the first 4-6 weeks postpartum and then switching to a compression type legging thereafter.

You can purchase my favorite leggings on Amazon, they are seriously the best! You can wear them for working out or even everyday with a long sweater or top.

Hopefully this information was useful in helping you decide what products to use for your postpartum recovery.

Whatever you choose, just remember to take care of your body and give it time to recover. Childbirth is a big event and recovering properly will benefit you and baby in the long run.

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