Best Gifts for New Moms

Motherhood, the most exciting journey a woman will ever embark on!

Whether you know someone who is a first time mom or is on her 2nd, 3rd, 4th or so on, this gift guide is for her!

Here I’ve compiled a list of ideas for the New Mom!

Mockingbird Stroller

Mockingbird Stroller


If you or someone you know has a baby and needs a stroller, what a great gift!

Strollers are definitely on the top ten list for baby necessities and the Mockingbird Stroller is literally the best one of all!

It is not only a Luxury Stroller but is an Affordable One at that!

Read my full Mockingbird Stroller Review in my post here along with a video!

Slip for Beauty Sleep Slipsilk Pure Silk Pillowcase

Via Nordstrom

Choose from 7 luxurious colors, this beauty sleep Silk Pillowcase helps the new mama get the beauty sleep she desperately needs.

Waking up all night long for a baby is hard but when her head hits the pillow, she’ll feel this gorgeous silk against her cheek.

Any tired mama will appreciate this anti-aging, anti-sleep crease, anti-bed head pillowcase.

Free People Softly Structured Knit Tunic

Via Nordstrom

The last thing you want to do after having a baby is wear tight clothes, especially after a c-section.

Not only that, but getting your pre-baby body back takes time!

Wearing loose fitting and comfortable clothing is what most new moms are looking for and this Free People sweater is not only comfortable for her postpartum body, but is flattering and cute.

Throw it on and it looks good with jeans or leggings. Any new mama would love this!

It comes in 6 different colors, but when in doubt, get black!

Ugg Scuffette II Slipper

Via Nordstrom

New moms spend a lot of time indoors and given that it’s wintertime, being cozy is important.

A new pair of these Ugg slippers are a perfect gift for a new mama!

Nothing beats staying cozy indoors with your new baby!

That leads me to my next gift!

Barefoot Dreams Blanket

Barefoot Dreams Throw Blanket

Via Nordstrom

I don’t personally own one of these blankets but have seen a lot of hype on Social Media about them!

Soft, cozy and it comes in lots of colors and prints to match your space!

Lots of women are going crazy over these right now and I personally would love one too!

If she is a throw blanket lover, this is a perfect addition to her collection.

Snuggle up with the baby next to the fire!

Barefoot Dreams Robe

Barefoot Dreams Cozy Chic Robe

Via Amazon

One of the things I love receiving for Christmas is a new plush robe and slippers and I loved wearing a robe after having my kids.

This Barefoot Dreams robe is what robe dreams are made of.

So soft and plush, yet light and breathable. She will never want to take it off!

PS: It comes in 7 color options.

Dry Shampoo

Via Target

It seems like such a small thing but believe me, dry shampoo is my daily life saver!

This one by Suave is my absolute favorite, I highly recommend it!

Makes a great stocking stuffer too!

MiaMily Hipster Essential Baby Carrier

Via Amazon

A baby carrier was a life saver for both of my kids.

I was able to get so much done around the house by keeping my little ones in this carrier when I needed to get things checked off my list but they wanted to be held.

This MiaMily Hipster Baby Carrier is forward or backward facing and accommodates the child as they grow!

Fujifilm Instax Mini Link Smartphone Printer

Via Amazon

Moms are always taking photos of their babies and this little Smartphone Printer is an amazing gift idea or stocking stuffer!

You basically just plug it into your smart phone and print pictures anywhere, anytime.

Hang them on the fridge, in the babies room, hand them out to family, put them directly in an album, or just print and keep them to have!

Love this and am putting it on my own wish-list!

Fujifilm Instax Mini 100 Film

Via Amazon

Add some extra film to go with the printer!

Yeti Mug

Via Amazon

I think this mug has made every one of my adult gift guides because it’s that amazing!

New mamas need aaaaall the coffee.

It keeps your coffee warm so you can stop reheating it in the microwave.

It comes with a lid too so you don’t spill as you are on the go!

I have this exact white one and love it so much!

This makes a nice stocking stuffer or even gift exchange present as well.

Bamboobies Stretch Mark and Scar Bam

Via Amazon

I haven’t personally used this but have heard and read great reviews on it!

This can be a nice stocking stuffer or added to a little spa or care package for a new mama.

SpaFinder Gift Card – Target

Via Target

Moms day out, yes please!

Let her choose the place and time time to get pampered with a Spa Finder Gift Card!

Kiinde Twist Breast Milk Storage Bag Baby Feeding System and Warmer Gift Set

Via Amazon

The Kiinde Breast Milk Storage System allows you to collect, store, prepare, and feed using a single disposable breast milk storage bag.

As a mom who breastfed and pumped for a year with both kids, this would have been an awesome gift to receive!

The system eliminates the risk of spills when transferring milk and provides the convenience of no dirty bottles to wash.


Monthly Milestone Blanket & Frame Set

Via Nordstrom

Such a cute gift so that the new mama can photograph her baby as they grow each month!

It also works as a swaddle blanket as well and is so soft!

New Mom Wine Labels

Via Etsy

For the mom who appreciates a good glass of wine and a good laugh, these wine bottle labels are so cute!

Love this idea!

Nordstrom Moonlight Pajamas

Via Nordstrom

I wore pajamas a lot after giving birth to my babies and for the first 6 months really.

The kids napped a lot and I was up a lot at night and I just wanted to be comfortable.

These pajamas are soooooo soft! Choose from 8 colors.

Bloomsy Floral Subscription


Filled with only the best blooms from sustainable farms, be surprised every month with a new bouquet of flowers!

You can give a subscription (you choose how many months) and the receiver will receive gorgeous bouquets of flower over the period of time that you choose!

It’s a unique gift idea that keeps on giving, even after the holidays!

You will be surprised how affordable it is and it makes such a great gift!

Elemis Day and Night Creams

Via Nordstrom

Via Nordstrom

I have been using the Elemis skin line for about 2 weeks now and absolutely love it.

I can honestly see results in the firmness of my skin!

When you are losing a lot of sleep or are stressed, the appearance of fine lines can become stronger and more harsh.

This helps smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, hydrates the skin and firms up the skin.

Moms lose a lot of sleep and stress about a lot of things, this would make an awesome gift!

A few other cute gift ideas for the new mom:

  • Moms day out – alone – offer to watch the kid(s) so she can have a few hours out of the house alone!
  • The gift of Long, Uninterrupted showers – oh, yes! I still ask my husband for these because if I don’t before I know it one of the kids is in the bathroom asking me 101 questions while I try to shower.
  • Date night certificates – We love our date nights but when we had newborns and babies, it was hard to find the time! Give her some date night certificates to help plan and get the date nights on the calendar.
  • Grocery Shopping – offer to go grocery shopping, yes that’s a gift, trust me!
  • Send in cleaners for the first few months to do the toilets and showers
  • Time – The gift of your time to a new mom is priceless. If you are good friends, offer to give her some time to herself while you care for her newborn. Encourage her to use this time to take a shower, get a pedicure or run a few errands. 

Best Gifts for New Moms

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