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Beaba Babycook Review – One of Best Baby Food Makers on the Market

Listen up mama’s, I have discovered a product that has made my baby food makin’ life so much easier! This Beaba Babycook baby food maker is such a time saver.

With my firstborn, I made everything manually from steaming the vegetables to blending them and storing them. By the time I was done I was tired, the kitchen was a disaster and it had taken me hours.

With the Beaba Babycook you can steam, blend and have the food in containers all within 20 minutes!

To try this product out, I first did a simple blend of sweet potatoes and carrots. I used 1/2 cup of each vegetable and placed them in the steaming basket. I added the water, plugged it in and pressed start. 15 minutes later I had steamed vegetables. I dumped the steamed sweet potatoes and carrots into the blending container and just blended until it reached the consistency that I was looking for. After that I put it into these little storage containers and was done!

The puree comes out hot, so I was able to also feed my daughter on the spot.

Honestly, I don’t have much room in my freezer so this product is excellent because I can make two batches which will last me 2-3 days. No freezer storage needed.

The first batch of baby food came out so good and so fast, I had time to also do a blend of peas, broccoli and apples. So easy and convenient.

The Beaba Babycook also washes really easily. I simply just ran the pieces under hot, soapy water. You do have to wash it right away though because I can see food getting stuck in the small parts and being hard to clean if you don’t rinse it off right away.

I have linked this product as well as the storage containers below. I also linked up the Infantino Squeeze Station. My sister in-law bought me the squeeze station for my baby shower and I am going to use it next time I make baby food. I will post a review on that product as well.

If you are like me and always looking for faster, more efficient, less messy ways to do all things “momming”, then this product is for you! If you know any other great baby food products, link them up in the comment section below! There are so many great products, let’s share the knowledge.

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