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A Summer Day

On Wednesday last week my sister and mom and I drove out to Cascade Locks for a few hours. It’s about 40 minutes away from where my parents live and the drive is so worth it. It’s so quiet…

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Flowy Summer Dress

I bought this dress at the beginning of summer thinking we’d have warm weather like usual but summer came so late for us! We only just started having real warm summer weather (80 + degrees) a few weeks ago.…

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For My New Kitchen

As we get closer to moving in, I am ordering everything we need for our house. When we moved I got rid of a ton of stuff in our kitchen like old plates, plates that didn’t match, anything chipped…

June Best Sellers
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Top 10 June Best Sellers

I share a lot of stuff on my Instagram stories that don’t always make it to the blog as an official blog post. Last month when we went to the beach, I shared this photo on my Instagram stories…

Home Decor

Lighting for Our New Home – What I Ordered

I’ve been sharing a lot of what I have been ordering for our new home and today I want to share the lighting that we ordered! I feel like ordering lighting was really challenging because: there are a million…

Charlie's Bedroom Mood Board
Home Decor

Charlie’s Bedroom – What I Ordered

Yesterday I shared what I ordered for Claire’s new bedroom and today I am sharing what I got for Charlie’s room! I will still need to add some finishing pieces once I move in like some pictures or artwork,…

Little Girl Bedroom Inspo
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Claire’s Bedroom – What I Ordered

I’m not a huge fan of pink, never have been, especially for home decor. I love blues, yellow, greys, whites and neutrals. When gathering inspiration for Claire’s new room, I noticed I was drawn to neutrals with a pop…

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Summer Dresses and an Exciting Day

Happy Thursday! For all you local Oregonians, who else is so happy that summer weather is finally here?! It was a cold and rainy start to June but it looks like nicer weather is upon us. Our summers here…

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Classic Wardrobe Pieces Worth Investing In

I often talk about “investment pieces” or closet staples on here and my Instagram because they are essential for creating a functional wardrobe. Classic investment pieces (like a good black blazer) are the foundations of your wardrobe and they…

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Dressing Down a Dressy Top

When I used to work in an office I had built a collection of pretty dressy blouses to wear with slacks and blazers. Now that I am a stay-at-home mom, I still want to wear some of my favorite…


Father’s Day Beach Day

When I asked Jason what he wants to do for Father’s Day he said he wanted a beach day with me and the kids. I said “that sounds like a great plan,” so we headed for the Oregon Coast…