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One Houndstooth Blazer, Three Ways

I’m back for another post from my series on how to wear one item in your closet multiple ways! See previous outfits in my posts here and here. Today I am going to style my favorite wool hounds-tooth blazer…


11 Ways to Thrive as a Stay at Home Mom

6 months ago, I decided it was time to be a SAHM (stay-at-home mom). I have a Bachelors Degree in Finance and a Masters Degree in Business and was at an awesome place in my career. Yet, I gave…

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One Jumpsuit, Three Ways

Back by popular demand, another outfit worn multiple ways! Last week I shared One Skirt Worn Four Ways and you guys loved it so today I am sharing One Jumpsuit worn Three Ways! I’ve decided to make this a…

One Skirt Four Ways
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One Skirt Worn Four Different Ways

One thing I’ve learned over the years when it comes to fashion is “Quality Over Quantity.” I used to have so many clothes, probably double, if not triple the amount of clothing than what I currently own. I had…


Family Golf on a Saturday Morning

Jason has been playing a lot of golf lately and Charlie has been showing an interest so we thought it would be fun to make it a family event and go golfing on Saturday morning. Claire wasn’t as interested…


Ways to Be a Happier Mom

I’m generally a pretty happy person, but of course, I have my days like the rest of us. I noticed when things don’t go my way for several days in a row, it can start to wear down on…

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Rock Band Tee

Today was super productive! I organized the kids entire room, every single corner. Charlie starts school in 3 weeks and I had to go through his clothes to see what fits, what doesn’t and what else he needs for…