April Amazon Haul

April Amazon Haul

I just did my April Amazon shopping yesterday and wanted to share what I got! Amazon is literally becoming my go-to for random items I don’t want to go to the store for. With Prime Free Two-Day shipping, why even bother!

We have a full month of April ahead of us with baby showers, family photos, a weekend Vegas getaway with Jason, then Easter, and I have a few blog collaborations I am busy putting together! Come May we will be in Maui for two weeks and I can hardly wait!

So, here is my Amazon Haul for the month!

InstaX Camera: Charlie LOVES taking photos. He is always asking me if he can use my phone to take photos. I remembered that I had an InstaX Camera that my sister bought me for my baby shower so I ordered him some more film. I also ordered one for Claire so they can both take them on our trip to Maui!

Pajamas: These footed pajamas are my favorite for Claire. They are so cozy and keep her warm at night because she still gets uncovered. Finding them in sizes 3T – 4T is really hard in store. I feel like those sizes get sold out fast, so I looked to Amazon and of course, they came through for me 🙂 Claire is growing like a weed, so I needed to stock up on some larger sizes.

Water Jug: One of my health goals is to drink more water! I saw this on Somewhere Lately and thought, ok, I need that to see how much water I am really drinking in a day! I failed miserably the first few days! Having all my water in one jug makes me really realize how little I drink in a day. Drink your water! It’s good for your skin and health, so bottoms up!

GG Crackers: Three weeks ago I started my healthy, low carb eating because I had gained a few pounds over the holidays that were lingering. I decided to get serious and I’m already down 5 lbs in three weeks, woohoo! I’ve been working out 4-5x/week too.  It’s amazing what eating healthy and working out will do in a short period of time if you stick to it! Anyways, I ordered these GG Crackers. They are low carb, high fiber and are a perfect bread alternative. I’m excited to try them, they should be here today or tomorrow!

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser: Ok, so I actually ordered these in March but they came on Saturday and I used them on Sunday to clean my white dining chairs. We have these chairs at our dining table and they can get filthy over time from the kiddos little hands. If you have kids or pets or you’re just human and your white things get dirty, get these magic erasers. They are the best thing ever. I think I am going to dedicate a blog post just to these, that’s how much of a life saver they are!

Spanx Leggings: I wanted something comfortable to throw on for errands or just for hanging out at home (something other than yoga pants, I don’t like to wear gym clothes all day). I usually wear jeans but now that I am home all the time, I don’t want to ruin all my nice jeans. I saw a lot of you wearing these cute leggings on Instagram but they were always sold out! So what do you think I did? I got them on Amazon! They are so comfortable, flattering and the perfect “I look put together with no effort” choice.

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PS: I don’t think I mentioned that my entire family is going to Maui too?! My mom, dad, and my siblings! I have 5 siblings and all of them except my sister are going to be there. We are all married and have kids so it’s going to be one big family trip in one of my favorite places ever! To say I am excited is an understatement!

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