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Another Date Night Look + Life Before Kids?

Happy Wednesday friends!

We have been kid-free since Monday and it is so weird! The kids love spending the night at my parents house and my parents love having them so every once in a while, they go stay there a few days in a row.

You may be expecting me to say how much I love it when they go and that I am sooo glad to have time off from them but, the reality is, when they are gone it seems like that is all we talk about!

Now wait a second, don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy having some time off from feeding, changing, and picking up toys all day buuuttt it’s awfully quiet and empty without them around.

Jason and I went golfing yesterday and then we went on a nice little date night to one of our favorite restaurants.

It was a perfect day to be out and about and I love going on day dates with him.

When we got home after dinner it was still kind of early (8:00pm). The house was spotless and quiet. No toys to pick up, no mouths to feed and no baths to give or books to read before bedtime.

We talked about going for a walk in the neighborhood or just watching a movie and then at one point we looked at each other and said… gosh is this what it was like before kids? Did we just roam around town, eat out every night and have ALL this free time?!

I guess what I’m trying to say is, we love having time alone but those two little monkeys complete us and we literally can’t imagine life without them.

Here is my day/date night look! This dress is aaammaaaazing! It’s such good quality and so flattering on. Best of all, it’s under $25! I got it in a size medium!

This dress is fully stocked in multiple colors right now! They were sold out recently and are back in stock, so grab yours quick 🙂



The kids will be home from my parents around noon today and after their naps we are going to see a few houses. YES, we are STILL house shopping….. :/ I’m confident we will find our forever home eventually though and don’t worry, I will share it with you all as well!

I know some of you have been enjoying following along on our moving and house shopping adventures. If you follow my Instagram you can get more “behind the scenes” of when we go see houses and of our daily life!

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