February Amazon Haul

I’ve been doing a lot of my shopping on Amazon lately because it’s so easy and convenient, especially with Amazon Prime free 2-day shipping!

I get a lot of feedback that you guys love it when I share products that I love and deals so I’ve decided to do a monthly Amazon haul to share my Amazon finds with you all.

Here are some items I bought this month that I am loving:

Lack of Color Hats: This is “hats down” (get it?) my favorite brand of hats ever. Some of my most asked about items are my hats and a lot of you expressed concern that shipping from Australia (where the hats are made and shipped from if you order from their site) is so expensive.

I agree, but guess what?! You can buy them on Amazon now!! I just ordered the Rancher in tan and here I am wearing it in black.

Charcoal Teeth Whitening: I now some of you have said this is bad for your teeth but my dentist actually said it is ok as long as I am not using it long term.

He said this is a good option for getting your teeth whiter every few months. I have decided to use it for one week per month to see if my teeth get whiter. I’ve been using it for a week and love it! I feel like my teeth are a shade whiter and they are not sensitive. I would highly recommend this product and it will last you a long time! It’s a great option if you have sensitive teeth and can’t use whitening strips.

Body Weight Scale: I started my second round of Faster Way to Fat Loss on Monday last week! It is a 6 week program that I did last summer before our trip to Greece. I had amazing results and after gaining a few pounds over the holidays, I knew this would be a great way to get back on track! You can learn more about the program in my post here.

When we moved back in November, I forgot my scale at the house we sold so I haven’t weighed myself since then! I ordered this scale from Amazon because it also has the measuring tape which I need for the program.

Potty for Claire: Claire isn’t potty trained yet and she hates sitting on the toilet, even on a seat on the toilet. I wanted to give it a different approach so I bought this portable potty to see how she likes it. It just arrived last week and it’s so cute! She is actually showing interest so I am excited to see how we progress. It flushes and makes a cute sound!

Potty Training Book: I needed something to encourage her to go potty while sitting on her new seat. This book is so cute and only $5.99!

My Favorite Everyday Tinted Moisturizer: If there is one product I cannot live without it is this Clinique tinted moisturizer. It has just the right amount of coverage for every day and it goes on so smooth and it makes my skin glow.

I recently ran out and just haven’t had a chance to pick it up at Nordstrom. I also didn’t want to pay for shipping so I looked on Amazon and found it! Yay to free 2-day shipping!

Clinique Bronzer: Same goes for my favorite bronzer!

Nespresso Coffee: I cannot live without my daily cup of coffee and it’s so convenient to order on Amazon! This is my absolute favorite flavor by Nespresso! I shared my Nespresso machine on my Instagram stories and got a lot of questions, you can find my machine here or on Amazon here.

Baskets: I am a basket hoarder. I love storing blankets, toys and anything in baskets and they are so cute! We have 3 bathrooms at our current place and I wanted a cute way to store toilet paper so I scooped up a couple of these cuties.

That’s all for my first haul! If you have any awesome Amazon items that you order all the time, let me know! I’m always looking for great Amazon deals and there are so many!

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