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Accepting Your Postpartum Body

It’s no secret that having a baby drastically changes your body. Most women gain weight, some get stretch marks, your hips may get wider, and all around things will be different. Like many of you mamas, I too struggle with the same insecurities but I have really learned to accept my post partum body and to be honest, love it, maybe even more now than ever.

I used to be about ten pounds thinner pre-pregnancy and my stomach never had any rolls or loose skin. I just always naturally had a flat and firm stomach. My back was smooth (no bra fat), my thighs and butt were more firm and lifted and so on. (Yet, even then I had things to complain about (if only I knew then what I know now, post-partum!)).

So you may be thinking, how do I love my postpartum body more now than before if I am carrying more weight, have more loose skin and am less toned? Well, having a baby is hard. Carrying a baby for nine months, delivering and then recovering has made me realize how amazing and strong my body is. I have a greater appreciation for my body and for my health.

I have also learned to accept that my body is unique and that no matter how much I try, I will still carry more fat in certain areas than other women and that my body shape will still be the same. Instead of trying to change things that I cannot, I have learned to just dress for my body type and embrace my key features and cover the ones I am less confident about.

Here are some of the ways that I accept and have learned to embrace and love my postpartum body:

Don’t Compare Your Body to Anyone

I’m sure you have heard this a million times but this is probably the most important advice for anyone that is struggling with body image. Stop comparing! You are different, you are unique and no matter how much you try, you will never look like anyone else.

You may see an outfit that you love on someone else and it may look horrible on you, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have a great body, etc. It just means that you need to wear what works for your own body type and shape.

Rather than trying to fit into someone else’s body, learn what works best for yours.

For example, I have more junk in my trunk and bigger upper thighs. I used to be so self concious about this, but now I have just learned what styles make me look leaner and longer and I go for that.

Comparing will only make you less satisfied with yourself and more unhappy. So rather than focusing on the things you are insecure about, highlight the features you love and be yourself.

Be Patient

Losing baby weight takes time. Be patient with your body. Focus on being healthy by working out and eating foods that will nourish your body and give you energy. The weight loss will follow with healthy food and exercise choices.

Accept Compliments

I know it can be hard to accept compliments. When people used to compliment me I would always say things like “yeah right” or “whatever” and I would never actually just listen and accept the compliment.

Most people really do mean it when they compliment you so learn to accept the compliments and believe them to be true! Is it soooo hard to believe that people really do love how you look or have noticed that you look great post-partum?! It is not conceited to say thank you and accept their compliment.

Go Shopping

If you find that your clothes no longer fit right because your body has changed, rather than trying on the same clothes every day hoping that they will fit, go buy new ones that work with your new body. Buy clothes that make you feel confident and good about your body. Stop trying to fit into an old glove, this will just hold you back from embracing your new body.

Also, if you just had a baby, wearing some sort of support around your belly helps a-lot! I would invest in a product to help your stomach go back to normal and also help you heal if you had a c-section. You can read about my favorite postpartum belly support products in my post here.

Be Thankful

Have an attitude of gratitude. Be thankful for the things that are good in your life, for the things you love about your body, for your health and everything that you have in your life. I have noticed that negative people are never happy, never grateful and are just all around miserable people.

Life is too short to always be insecure and miserable. There will always be someone who has something that you don’t have, so stop trying to have it all, do it all, and be it all. It just is not possible. Love your life and yourself! You are beautiful, unique and perfect the way you were created!

Happy Friday Friends! You are beautiful!

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  1. Love this post!!!! So relevant! I’m in the same boat, about 10lbs heavier than pre baby 😭 But everything you recommended is spot on and things I’ve been trying or want to try doing as well!

    1. It is unrealistic to think our bodies will be the same after carrying a baby for 9 months! We do what we can and move on 🙂 Life is too short to let these changes take away from enjoying it! I’m so glad you could relate! Thank you for reading!

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