A Summer Day

On Wednesday last week my sister and mom and I drove out to Cascade Locks for a few hours.

It’s about 40 minutes away from where my parents live and the drive is so worth it.

It’s so quiet and peaceful and scenic out there.

The kids ran around and played and we watched a stern wheeler boat take off from the dock.

Earlier that day we had been sitting around complaining about how 2020 has been miserable and we haven’t been able to fully enjoy summer because playgrounds are still closed or many outdoor places are just now opening.

We were complaining about how we wish we could “do more” summer things or travel.

It then dawned on us that since there is no longer quarantine (only minor restrictions like social distancing and wearing a mask) that we can actually still make the most of summer.

So we decided to change our negative thinking and make the most of it and literally packed the kids in the car and headed out.

Life is what we make it and even though there are still some restrictions because of COVID, we are going to make the best of what is open and enjoy the sunshine and summertime as best as we can!

Here are some photos of our day!

Basically since that day I have been planning outings with the kids every day.

We grabbed coffee and lunch to-go and had a picnic at the park on Thursday and then on Friday I took the kids to the lake swim park.

It can be easy to let all of the things in the media or that are happening around us get to us and make us live in fear, anxiety or stress.

I’ve had people ask me how we are doing with all of the protests going on in Portland.

Most of the protests are happening in a few spots around the city (mainly downtown) and in the evenings, so we haven’t been in any sort of contact with protestors.

I have my opinions on what is going on in our city but I choose not to share them on my social media or blog.

Not because I don’t care or because I am ignorant, but because I want this space to be a breath of fresh air – not another politically infused blog or place where sad, negative or hard news is being shared.

I shouldn’t have to feel guilty about being silent on certain world topics.

If you are looking for world news, political headlines or opinions, etc, then there are plenty of websites and channels for that, but this is not what is all about.

So, if you ever just need a break from the craziness of what is going on right now, I hope in some small way my content can do that for you.

I’m just a mom of two young kids trying to live life and raise my little people as best as I can.

Choosing to be silent on certain topics doesn’t mean I am ignoring what is going on around us.

It just means that I don’t feel like my blog or social media is the place I want to share my thoughts on those topics.

I’ve had a few moms DM or email me and tell me that they appreciate the normalcy of my content.

When I open my social media more often than not its very negative or its one political party putting down the other.

But when I see people posting everyday life, I am drawn to their content because even with everything going on around us, our everyday life needs to also still happen.

And it feels soooo good to see others living life amidst the craziness of 2020 and still find joy in motherhood, family, sunshine, summer, cooking for your family, a good deal, remodeling a home, a new DIY project, reorganizing your pantry, a new coffee recipe you love, and just simple every day living.

Sorry if you don’t agree but that is the beauty of being different, and we are all different, we all have a different voice.

We all have something to say, something to share, something unique to contribute to this world.

If I can positively impact or encourage even only ONE person a day with my content, that is still one person more than not at all.

With that being said, it is Monday and I have a list of things to get done today!

We are moving into our new house this week, yay!

So we will be busy getting the place cleaned and ready!

I’ll be sure to share more on my Instagram and Blog and I’m hoping to do a video house tour.

More to come!

Have a great week friends!

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