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Thrifted Treasures – Home Series

I am really really excited about this new several part series that I am starting on about all of the Thrifted Treasures in my home! Over the next few months I will be sharing parts of my home…

Fall Mantle
DIY Home Decor

Fall Mantle DIY

OCTTOOBBEEERRRR, Hello! We love you! It truly is the most wonderful time of year from October – January. I love the transition from Summer to Fall to Winter when the leaves change colors and the holidays roll around. This…


How To Afford Being a Stay at Home Mom

Working full-time and being a mom all the time, this is a hard thing to do. I’ve been there and if this is your current situation and you wish you could be home more, then read on. (Side note:…

Home Decor

6 Ways to Give Your Kitchen a Facelift

I’ve talked about our home a little here and there and about how we have been remodeling it for several years, one project at a time. Today I am sharing our kitchen facelift! Here is a little background on…


FAQ’s Answered

Whenever I get questions from my readers, they are generally around the same topics and I have been keeping track of my most frequently asked questions so that I can answer them all here! I broke the questions down…

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Thrifting 101

I love thrift shopping and have been doing it for years! My mom used to love going and my sister and I would always tag along. Some of my favorite wardrobe items have actually been thrifted (like the pants…