9 Months Old

This little guy keeps me busy but not a moment spent watching after him feels like a moment wasted.

Charlie is actually going to be ten months old in about a week but these were taken when he turned nine months old.

These days Charlie spends his time exploring every part of the house in his walker.

He follows me all over as I do my daily chores and when it’s been a while since I’ve last acknowledged him, he comes up next to me and pulls on my pant leg until I look down at him and smile.

He then smiles back so big that his nose wrinkles up.

We keep saying that any day now he will start walking on his own, but he is still wobbly and needs a little more courage!

He hasn’t crawled at all and doesn’t even really seem to be too interested in trying, he just wants to be up on his feet all day long.

At this age I will describe him as sweet yet feisty.

Although he is as sweet as can be, he is also a feisty little go getter.

I’m loving this age and have told my husband that I will miss it when he gets older, but then again, I think I’ve said I love every stage……

I really just don’t want him to ever grow up.


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