9 Habits of Moms With Clean Homes


As moms we all know it can be really hard to keep a clean home. Between the kids dumping toys all over the living room floor to the dog leaving muddy paw prints down the hall, it can seem impossible to do. Yet, we all have at least one mom friend who manages to keep the home picked up and tidy every time you visit. You often wonder, what is her secret?! The answer is really not that hard: it’s become a habit. These moms have managed to create habits that they abide by every day to help them keep their house looking fresh and clean almost all the time.

Here are 9 habits that can help you manage your chores and keep your house looking tidy around the clock:

1) Never let dishes pile up: In most homes, the kitchen is a central gathering area for family and guests. It is probably used more than any other room in the house which means it will also get out of hand pretty quickly if not maintained. Doing the dishes right away after every meal helps manage the pile up and keeps this main area of your home fresh and clean throughout the day. So take the extra 5 minutes after each meal to throw the dishes in the dishwasher and freshen up the kitchen.

clean kitchen

2) Wipe down every surface after use: Along with doing the dishes, wiping counter tops down after each use keeps them looking spic and span. It will prevent buildup that happens over time that leads to the need for a deep cleaning. Wiping down bathroom counters and fixtures also helps maintain a “just cleaned” look. Let’s face it, it only takes a few extra seconds to wipe up after yourself! As a mom, you know how sticky surfaces can get if they are not wiped daily!

3) Make your bed every morning: If you time yourself while you make your bed you will realize that it literally only take a couple of minutes. Studies show that people who made their bed each morning felt organized and had a more productive start to their day. I like to have my toddler hand me pillows while I make the bed and once the kids are old enough, have them make their own bed each morning. It teaches them to be tidy and also helps them start their day feeling accomplished and organized.

make your bed

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4) Put your clothes away every night: When you come home from work or just had a long day with the kids, the last thing you want to do is hang up your outfits neatly on hangers or put them away in the closet/drawers. However, don’t you hate it when the weekend comes and  you spend at least half an hour if not more sorting through the pile of clothes (clean and dirty) that have managed to pile up on your floor? I’d rather spend one or two minutes each night rather than a long period of time on the weekends! Not only that, but you never know when you might have an unexpected guest or guests! No one wants to see your dirty laundry!

5) De-clutter often: Purge, purge, purge. Donate, sell or throw away items you haven’t used in a year. Organized people are not afraid to get rid of things. If you don’t use it, why keep it? It will just take up unnecessary space and create a messy clutter. Encourage your kids to donate toys that they no longer play with. Create a box where they can add items to donate over time and make a trip to the donation center together!

6) Put things back where they belong: Put the remote back on the shelf after you turn the TV off. Put the scissors back in the drawer after you use them. Have the kids put their toys in a box after they are done playing. Putting things back where they belong becomes a habit over time and prevents you from throwing things in random closets in a panic before guests arrive.

clean house

7) Dust and vacuum regularly: If you have pets, vacuum every 3 days to avoid hair buildup. If you don’t have pets, vacuum once per week. Dusting once per week is also recommended. This helps prevent build up and the need to do a deep cleaning that requires hours of vacuuming to get all of the dust and dirt that has built up over the weeks. Why do all of your deep cleaning on the weekends when you could be relaxing?

8) Put shoes & coats away: Have a designated place for coats and shoes (most likely a front closet or area). The first thing you should do when you walk through the door is put away shoes and coats. Otherwise, before you know it you will have a collection of shoes at the front door and coats thrown all over the couches.

clean home

9) Don’t own “extras”: Only buy what you need. You don’t need five of the same size pan or six different types of guest towels. Keep only what you need and use.

10) Spend the last 5 minutes of every night tidying up: When you are tired, the last thing you want to do is clean anything. However, if you do all of the above and then spend just another five minutes each night tying up any lose ends, you will wake up to a clean home every day. You will start your day on a positive note and be ready to hit the ground running!

Realistically, as moms we know that our homes will never be perfect but keeping our space manageable not only keeps us sane, but also keeps us ready for whatever the day may bring! We also know that sometimes things do get unorganized and messy, and that is ok! This is just a guideline that works for some, you can create your own daily routine that fits in with your reality and expectations!

We would love to hear what your daily habits are that help you keep your home organized and clean? Share them in our comments section below!


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