Motherhood and Taking Time for Yourself

Motherhood is an around-the-clock job that requires constant attention. Our kids keep us busy enough as it is but then add the laundry, meals and all of the other things that we do around the house and our day is completely booked from the moment our feet hit the ground.

Many times as mothers, I think we forget to take time to ourselves to replenish and rejuvenate.

Ever since having my second child, I have been making a conscious effort to take time to myself every single day so that I don’t get burnt out.

Although I am constantly busy, I have found that if I really organize my day, I can always find an hour to do something for myself. I’ve also expressed this need to my husband and he is always willing to help when he is home so that I can do a few things that I love and that inspire me.

Here are a few ways that I like to take time for myself when needed:


I try to workout 3-5 times per week. I usually go in the evening for an hour when the kids are in bed. My husband stays home in case one of them wakes up and I go to the gym and enjoy some alone time.

The nice thing about going when the kids are asleep for the night is that if I want to stay for longer than an hour, I can and I don’t feel rushed.

By 7:30pm when the kids are in bed, I’m usually exhausted and the kitchen is still a mess from dinner. Sometimes I take 30 minutes to tidy up the kitchen before I leave, other times I choose to just leave the dishes and go to the gym first because I know it’s now or never.

When I am really tired I ask my husband to help and he will gladly do the dishes and clean while I am gone.

Even though I’m tired and just want to sit in from of the tv and do nothing, I know that choosing to workout is a better option.

I get dressed in my gym clothes before I put the kids to bed and that way I am ready to go as soon as they are in bed. The more I ponder whether I want to go or not, the more time I waste and I will end up not going.

Once I get to the gym, I never regret it! Getting there is the hardest part.

On the days that I know my husband will either work later or we have evening plans, I go during the day with both kids. I usually go in the morning before their first nap.

They have a great kids club at my gym and they always enjoy play time while I workout.

Treat yourself to a spa at home:

You don’t have to spend a ton of money to feel like you got a spa treatment. I do love going and getting a manicure/pedicure at the salon every once in a while but I usually just do my own nails at home.

I love to putting in a good chic flick and giving myself a manicure and pedicure.

Once in a while, I like taking a bubble bath but I have girlfriends who do this regularly as their time to themselves. They like to soak in the tub while reading a good book or flipping through their favorite magazine.

Disclaimer: don’t do this while the kids are napping and you are home alone.Every time I tried to take a bath or paint my nails when the kids were napping and I was home alone, that was the day one of them decided to wake up unexpectedly.

Have a hobby, or two or three:

From scrap booking to cooking and beyond, have a hobby that is yours and that you enjoy. It can be your haven, your outlet for creativity.

I love thrifting and estate sales and so one of my hobbies is vintage resale. I also love blogging and this blog is my other hobby.

The nice thing about a hobby is that you can randomly fit it in whenever you have a window of free time.

I usually work on blog posts when the kids are napping. I may not finish an entire post, but I will write sections here and there when I find the time. I just enjoy writing and editing photos and connecting with other people through different outlets.

As for my vintage resale hobby, I usually just take the kids with me when I go thrifting. It has become a fun thing that we do together and I love having them with me. Charlie runs around and helps me find treasures and Claire is still young so she either naps in her car seat or sits in the shopping cart and looks around.

My love for thrifting and finding new purpose in used things was something I shared with my own mother. We would thrift together several times a week and it was our time. Even to this day, we meet up and thrift together once in a while. Some of my most cherished times with my mom were and still are while we are thrifting! We would spend hours looking at all sorts of things while having great conversations.

I love that my kids enjoy coming with me and that I can share my hobby with them too.

Join or start a book club:

There are so many great books out there and there are lots of moms who would love to get together one evening per week to read and discuss a book over snacks and good company!

I have been doing book clubs for years and have made so many great connections. Often times the book club turns into a place where we share our hearts, pray for each other and have a safe space to open up and be authentic.

If you can’t join or start a book club, then just read something that you love. Often times we spend most of our time reading about things that have to do with motherhood or about some weird looking rash that just popped up on our child’s belly.

Instead, read about something other than motherhood and parenting. I just finished The Magnolia Story and loved it!

 Just get out of the house for some alone time:

Sometimes I just need an hour or two to be alone and I will swing by a busy local coffee shop and just drink coffee and people watch. It feels good to “just be” a random person in a coffee shop. Nothing to do but be in the moment.

I’ll also go to Target or another store that I like and roam every isle. It’s amazing how refreshed you can be in just one hour!

I love being a mom more than anything right now and I cherish every moment that I have with my children but, realistically we can be stretched thin by the daily demands that come with motherhood.

Don’t forget to take care of yourself!

The pictures in this post were taken on a day out with my mom and my sister. We went to brunch and spent a couple of hours thrifting. We had good conversations and a wonderful time! It is just an example of a way I like to spend some time when I’m not “momming” my babes.

Boots are from Aldo, find similar HERE, Jeans are from HERE, Jacket from H&M – sold out find similar HERE, and white top found HERE

I would love to hear some ways that you use your alone time when you have it!

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