5 Months Old

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Things to remember about Charlie at five months old:

almost sitting up – he tries so hard to sit up on his own – he is so determined,

still hates tummy time but can almost roll over,

loves to be read to,

drooling like crazy (if you look closely you can see his onesie is all wet at the top),

smiling every chance he gets,

the cutest giggles,

grabs everything he can get his hands on and puts it in his mouth,

loves to be bounced up and down,

baby talk all day long,

blowing bubbles with his mouth,

pulling his socks off of his feet,

eating some solids – sweet potatoes, carrots & applesauce,

loves it when mommy sings to him,

fascinated with Norman (our dog),

and of course… still as sweet as ever.

We love him so.

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