25 Weeks Pregnant



25 weeks have passed and only 15 more to go!

At 25 weeks our little guy is about 13 1/2 inches from head to heel and weighs about a pound and a  half.

He is going to start putting on more and more baby fat in the coming weeks and is starting to grow hair! I’m secretly hoping he has his dad’s curly auburn hair!


I think we have narrowed down a name we really love but I will be keeping it a secret until he is born

(just in case we have a sudden change in how we feel about the name)


As for this mama, I am feeling so, so good!

I have lots of energy and am in good spirits.

I will be going on maternity leave in early September so I have been busy wrapping up projects at work and getting all my ducks in order.

I’m looking forward to having a little time before baby arrives to get the nursery ready and rest!

I’ve also been enjoying all the baby gifts people have been randomly showering us with.

This little boy is going to be spoiled rotten!

Life is good, I can’t complain

Thank you for all your comments/emails about my previous post on body changes during pregnancy!

I got some great tips and it’s just good to know how many mothers/mothers-to-be can relate!

♥,  Denise

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