10 Things Moms Should Always Have in Their Purses

10 Things Moms Should Always Have in Their Purse

I like to refer to my diaper bag as my “Mary Poppins” bag because I have everything you could ever randomly need in there. When you become a mom,  you start to learn what sorts of things are good to have handy when out and about.

If you need a good diaper bag, you can read my post on my favorite diaper bags here.

Here is my list of 10 things moms should always have in their purses:

Baby Wipes

Even if you no longer have kids in diapers, baby wipes are always needed. I use them to wipe sticky hands and mouths, clean up spills, and wipe down shopping carts. My husband and I often say “how did we survive without baby wipes before having kids?!”

I love Kirkland Signature Baby wipes, they are really durable! You can actually buy them on Amazon:

Antibacterial Gel

Because kids touch everything and soap and water isn’t always an option. I like to have them use antibacterial gel before eating their snacks in the car or after playing at the park, for example.

Water Bottle

“Mama, I need water!!!” I’ve heard this desperate plea for water one to many times and didn’t have any with me which resulted in “but I’m soooo thirsty” followed by constant whining and crying until we find some water.

I always, and I mean always, have water in my bag. I also try to always keep a 24 pack of water bottles in my trunk just in case.

I like these Take & Toss spill proof cups with lids for the kids. They are machine washable and fit perfectly in their carseat cup holders:


Nuts and Goldfish. These are two snacks I always have in my bag.

Portable Charger

My phone dies fast. I constantly use it for photos and videos and posting on Instagram stories really kills my battery. I like to keep a portable charger in my bag or in my car to charge my phone on the go so it never dies.

I found that if I always plug my phone in while driving, it won’t ever die.

Stain remover pens

Self explanatory.

Mini First Aid Kit

You don’t need a huge First Aid kit, but having a mini one with bandaids and some anti-bacterial gel is a great idea!

Nail Clipper and Tweezer

My daughter seems to get splinters every time we go outside and the tweezer has saved us over and over again. I like to keep a nail clipper with me as well for hang nails or broken nails.

Tinted Moisturizer & Bronzer

This is more for you mama. Have you ever been out running errands all day and find a mirror and realize, gosh I could really use a little makeup refresh right now?!

If I ever feel this way I just apply some more tinted moisturizer and some bronzer and instantly feel fresh!

I also keep extra wipes in my glove compartment as well as extra snacks. They have come in handy over and over again.

If you know you will have a busy day out and about, it is a good idea to stock up your bag the night before. Once or twice per week I like to go through my bag and throw away any garbage and replenish anything that is low. This way

I am always ready to just grab my bag and go!

What are some other items you like to keep in your “mommy bag?”

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